Memento mori

Remember that You have to die.

This is also a reminder that You live now, as always, in the continuous infinite present.

Knowing exactly what time it is, where You are on Your map can help navigate to infinity and beyond!

Study other viewpoints and find the common sense. Always try to see the whole picture. This is just a personal example. A raw data from different perspectives. Focus on the thin line where the "to be or not to be" intersects. Philosophy is the pragmatism of the wise.

Be mindful. Find the flow. Be always present, in the present.

A second well spent is a second not wasted. Quantity follows quality. Invest in YourSelf. Know YourSelf. By helping others You help YourSelf. There are no Others. 

Thank You for yOur time, attention, energy.

Thanks for beeing Here. In the Now. Forever.

Calculated from life expectancy averages. Based on your location. It's more of a warning than a warranty.


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