Ralph Waldo Emerson

(May 25, 1803 – April 27, 1882) American essayist, lecturer, philosopher, abolitionist, and poet who led the transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century. 

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.
Do not do anything, either among others or alone, which is opposed by your conscience. In our time, people forget that first of all they should respect the human being in themselves.
The future is only an illusion inferred from our present state. What is important is not the length of life, but the depth of life. What is most important is not to make life longer, but to take your soul out of time, as every sublime act does. Only then does your life become fulfilled. And do not ask yourself questions about time. Jesus did not explain a thing about the eternity of life, but his influence brought people to the eternal.
Why should a person be rich? Why should he have expensive horses, rich clothes, wonderful rooms, and the leisure to visit public places of entertainment? Because he does not have enough thoughts to accompany his intellect. Give this person the inner work of his intellect, and he will be happier than the richest man.
You should behave as you think is good, but not following the advice of the crowd.
What you do, you possess. You must believe that eternal goodness exists that is within you, and that it grows and develops as long as you live.
God gives a choice to every soul between truth and peace.
If there is something great in you, it will not appear on your first call. It will not appear and come to you easily, without any work and effort.
If your heart is filled with virtue, then you will find happiness and beauty.
We grow thus: We come closer to God and God comes closer to us as our will becomes united with the will of God.
The salvation of mankind depends upon independent thinkers directing their thoughts rightly.
The joy of your spirit is the indication of your strength.
The soul knows everything. No new thing can surprise it. Nothing can be bigger than it. Let others be afraid, but the soul is not afraid of anything. It lives according to its own laws. It is bigger than space and older than time. It gives courage against all the misfortunes of life.
Nothing will bring you peace except yourself.
Most of our spending is done to forward our efforts to look like others.
Do not wish for death just because your life is hard. All the burdens on your shoulders will help you fulfill your destiny. The only way to get rid of your burdens is to live your life in such a way that you fulfill your destiny.
What a great treasure can be hidden in a small, selected library! A company of the wisest and the most deserving people from all the civilized countries of the world, for thousands of years, can make the results of their studies and their wisdom available to us. The thought which they might not even reveal to their best friends is written here in clear words for us, people from another century. Yes, we should be grateful for the best books, for the best spiritual achievements in our lives.