Giuseppe Mazzini

(22 June 1805 – 10 March 1872) Italian politician, journalist, and activist for the unification of Italy (Risorgimento) and spearhead of the Italian revolutionary movement.

We should, first of all, understand that we are all children of the same father, and we should fulfill the same general law: live not for ourselves, but to help others be happy.
In different ways and in different tongues, all humanity repeats the words of the Lord’s prayer, “Let thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”
Life has no meaning without purpose. To lack purpose is to deny the existence of God and to admit that our life is an evil, stupidjoke.
It is only faith which creates the powerful convictions, the energy, and the unity which can cure society.
Those human laws are good which are based on the law of God. Those human laws are bad which contradict the laws of God; we should change these laws.
We fulfill the law of God when we feel the lives of others as our own life.
No, the word of all-powerful God has not been told completely. And his thought has not been understood completely in all its depth. He created and he creates, and he will create, for many eternal centuries after us; this the human mind cannot embrace.
All people have the same origin, are hound, hy the same law, and were created for the same purpose. Therefore, we should have one faith, one purpose to our actions, one banner under which we live and fight.
Without faith in God, you can force people to act, but you cannot convince them. You can become a tyrant, but not a teacher.
God exists. We should not prove this; to deny God is madness. God lives in my conscience, in the conscience of all humanity, in all our universe, and we talk to God in the most important moments of sadness or joy.
When you have no freedom, then your life becomes the life of an animal.
God gave us the consciousness of mankind as a whole, as well as our own consciousness as individuals; with the help of these two things, as with two wings we can fly higher and come closer to God and to understand the truth.
At a certain level of self-awareness, a person understands something supernatural in himself. God exists because we exist. You can call it any other name, but there is no doubt that the superior life which created us exists. And you can call the source of this life God, or give it any other name.
The holy spirit which exists in people is liberated more and more. This will change our existing world order. Real science shows us how to apply our religious faith to our outer lives. Art shows us how to apply it to our feelings. The further any purpose the faster we should work toward it.
A society cannot live without a united faith and purpose. All social activity cannot really improve our social life if it is not based on the foundations established by religion.
An artist is one of two things: he is either a high priest, or a more or less smart entertainer.
Throughout the centuries, in every age, people have wanted to know or at least have a vague idea about the source, the beginning, and the final purpose of their existence. Religion satisfies this requirement, and makes clear those connections which unite all people as brothers, revealing to them that they have the same source of origin, the same task for their lives, and the same general final goal.