Eastern wisdom

The lighter and less dense a substance is, the less space it occupies. The qualities which a proud person attributes to himself can be compared to this. There are many people who claim to be teachers of others who should themselves be taught first of all.
Human intellect is a divine lamp, and its light penetrates to the depth of things.
A person who knows the law but does not fulfill it reminds me of one who plows the land but does not put seed in it.
Man differs from other animals only in his intellect; some people try to develop it and others neglect it, just as they try to reject those other qualities which differentiate them from the animals.
The moral and the intellectual are always in harmony. If a self-confident man talks to a wise man, he will not understand the truth, just as a spoon will not understand the truth when it gets into the mouth.
He who is looking for wisdom is already wise; and he who thinks that he has found wisdom is a stupid man.
I went along all the earth, searching for a guiding light. I went all over without rest, at night and during the day, and then I heard from a preacher, who opened the truth to me, that the answer is inside my soul, and that the light which I was looking for everywhere in the world is inside me.
Clever people study in order to know more. Undeserving people study to be more known.
The scholar who thinks but does not create is like the cloud which does not give rain.
He who has achieved victory over himself has real power.
When you hear people speak about the viciousness of other people, do not share in pleasure by discussing these issues. When you hear about the bad deeds of people, do not listen to the end and try to forget what you have heard. When you hear about the virtues of other people, remember them and tell them to others.