The Talmud

Older people who live spiritual lives ever widen their spiritual horizons, and ever expand their consciences. Older people who live only a daily routine become more and more stupid over the years.
The soul of a person is the lamp of God.
Those who provide for their own food by themselves deserve more respect than those who claim to be religious.
If a woman’s kindness is boundless, then her rage can also have no limits. A good wife is the best gift for a husband, and an evil wife is a terrible ulcer for a man.
People who try to force circumstances become their slaves. Those who use them become their masters.
Use your body, your vessel, today; tomorrow it can be broken.
You cannot see the soul, but only the soul can truly see the essence of things.
The heavens do not approve when we sin, and the earth does not approve when we are virtuous.
You should be in a hurry to do good works, even small ones, and to avoid sin. One good thing leads to another, and one sin causes another. The reward for virtue is virtue, and the punishment for vice is more vice.
A rich person can be insensitive and completely indifferent to the woes of others.
My children, if someone abuses you with words, do not pay much attention; be quiet at your prayer, and ask your friends to settle the dispute and find peace between you and those who have abused you.
The essence of love of God is in the desire of the soul for its creator, for unity with this higher light.
The commandments of God should be followed because of love of God, not because of fear of God.
A person who understands the law but who is far from the love of God is like a bank official who has keys for the inside of his building but not the key for the front door.
Do not glorify in blaming and despising other people. A kind person should hide the shame of others, even those who have harmed him. Do not remember one who repents his former sins.
Who is a wise man? - He who studies all the time. Who is strong? - He who can limit himself. Who is rich? - He who is happy with what he has.
God’s love will go from heaven to those who give to the poor. A double blessing will go to those who, while doing this, meet the poor and tenderly say “good-bye” to them.
A man comes into the world with his hands pushed into fists, as if he wants to say, “All this world is mine.” A man leaves this world with his palms open, as if to say, “Look, I take nothing with me.”
The beginning of a quarrel is like a flood which breaks through a dam. As soon as it rushes through, you cannot stop it.
Our efforts to penetrate the mystery of God are futile. It is enough to follow the divine law.
Repay evil with goodness.
I have learned many things from my teachers; I have learned many things from my friends; and I have learned even more from my students.
A stone falls on a pot - woe to the pot; a pot falls on a stone - woe to the pot; in every case, it is bad for the pot.
If you want to correct your failings, you do not have the time to waste in blaming other people. Never blame your neighbor until you have been in his place.
Before you start praying, ask yourself whether at that moment you can concentrate; otherwise, do not pray at all. Those who make a habit out of prayer do not pray sincerely.
Only those people who deny their own personality can understand the religious teaching.
Some of your friends praise you, and others blame and criticize you; be closer to those who blame you and further from those who praise you.
God tests everyone, one with wealth, another with poverty. A rich man is tested in whether he would extend an arm of support to those who need it; a poor man in whether he would bear all his sufferings without discontent and with obedience.