Friendship is the only relationship that comes about by mutual, free choice. It is not born with us, we create it. It is not contaminated by any physical relationship or interest. We don't want anything from each other - we just like being together. The birth of friendship is always accompanied by the feeling that we have met somewhere before. That I know him! It's a hunch, of course, not necessarily true. We never know what makes us at home with each other. But when I go to my friend's house: I go home.

More and more I have the feeling that our life is a single sentence, we just can't say what it is. (...) The big meetings, the moments close to the soul, were always when I fell in love with someone. The real miracle is friendship, a real, close relationship, when time suddenly flies with us, and we have the feeling that we have already met somewhere. Sometimes a moment is worth more than a whole year.

My friend can only be someone who vibrates with me at the deepest level. Because it is more than blood or any kind of emotional connection. It's something like a hunch, as if we came from the same place, and that's why my friend is the most familiar person in the world to me.

There are times when a human relationship expires. Friends understand this and can acknowledge without disappointment that they rarely or never see each other from now on. It is a great, great gift of freedom that we don't even have a bad feeling after the divorce - we look back on each other with gratitude.

I have no friends - my soul is my friend. This does not mean that I am completely alone, in a friendless solitude, but that my friendship with others depends entirely on my friendship with myself.

Don't forget the colored pebble that I pressed into your hand at the beginning of the journey, which is only yours. You got it from me to always know who you are. I gave the stone because it never decays. It contains my message, the secret code of your magical power. Squeeze it and keep it in your hand! Whatever happens to you, the magic stone will save you from all troubles and dangers. If you understand what is written in it.

Friendship is the closest connection between souls.

My friend is the one to whom my soul is open.

Your friend is someone you deeply understand. You can't lie to each other. You are too close.

Friendship does not come from our emotions, but from the innermost being of our being.

A single good friend, an intimate word, a loving moment is worth more than any external success.

A family is drawn together by unknown forces of fate. But friends are only attracted and freedom of choice.

True community is only created where people love each other in a mysterious way. I mean, they're friends. Beyond all interests, religion, politics, social situation and world view.

Friendship is the purest connection between souls. There is no selfishness, compulsion, sensuality, or interest in it. We choose.

Your help resides in the heart. (...) He tells whether someone is a good person or not. Then he doesn't emphasize how good he is, but, for example, you know you can count on him in trouble. Not the other one. Whether someone loves you or not, your heart tells you. And even if he doesn't love you anymore. You can misunderstand, because sometimes you want to misunderstand - but your heart doesn't.