Müller Péter

(Budapest, 1936. december 1. –) Kossuth- és József Attila-díjas magyar író, dramaturg, forgatókönyvíró, előadó, a hazai spirituális irodalom egyik legismertebb alakja.

Friendship is the only relationship that comes about by mutual, free choice. It is not born with us, we create it. It is not contaminated by any physical relationship or interest. We don't want anything from each other - we just like being together. The birth of friendship is always accompanied by the feeling that we have met somewhere before. That I know him! It's a hunch, of course, not necessarily true. We never know what makes us at home with each other. But when I go to my friend's house: I go home.

More and more I have the feeling that our life is a single sentence, we just can't say what it is. (...) The big meetings, the moments close to the soul, were always when I fell in love with someone. The real miracle is friendship, a real, close relationship, when time suddenly flies with us, and we have the feeling that we have already met somewhere. Sometimes a moment is worth more than a whole year.

Happiness is when a person has arrived, pulls in his oar and says: I've arrived, I'm not going any further.

You are undertaking quite a task if you want to make friends with your soul.

Take a firm hold of your own hand, give yourself strength, and let your troubled, unhappy and fearful soul feel that it has a true friend: yourself.

Ordinary things only make people anxious, but the real inner tension and dissatisfaction - in a word, unhappiness - is always caused by the fact that we are not yet who we should be.

He who is not his own lamp: he walks in darkness. As for happiness: you can only be happy if you are free. And only the truth can set him free. And the truth is that we are all our own lanterns.

Life is not a crime, but a heroic enterprise. It is a struggle and warfare and a beautiful adventure in which the human spirit must triumph, primarily over its own chaos and darkness.

If you want to get to know a person, don't look at what he says, what he wants, what he longs for - but what is the concrete step he takes, because this is always the direction in which he guesses his happiness. This is what gives his spiritual dynamics the greatest strength. You can believe, say, hope for many things, but when you come to a crossroads and have to make a decision, everyone, without exception, goes in the direction where they believe their greatest happiness!

External spinning is always a sure sign of running away from ourselves.

My friend can only be someone who vibrates with me at the deepest level. Because it is more than blood or any kind of emotional connection. It's something like a hunch, as if we came from the same place, and that's why my friend is the most familiar person in the world to me.

I am not the one I see in the mirror, but the one looking in the mirror.

Love and wisdom are two sides of the same coin. Inseparable.

You cannot see for yourself how much "magical world" all people live in. No one knows about his cage.

A humble man wading through the flood waters with his bat or backpack is a sad sight, but not so revealing: it seems that he has always lived close to trouble, even if the flood has taken everything away, sooner or later he will get back up somehow. But when the false happiness collapses, there is always something revealing about it: as if the scenery of a fairy-tale world were blown away by a hurricane or washed away by an indifferent sea tide.

There are times when a human relationship expires. Friends understand this and can acknowledge without disappointment that they rarely or never see each other from now on. It is a great, great gift of freedom that we don't even have a bad feeling after the divorce - we look back on each other with gratitude.

There are two kinds of dignity. One: what the world gives to man. The other: what a person gives to himself.

We escape from the prison of our lonely selves to relationships - and from relationships we escape to our lonely selves.

I have no friends - my soul is my friend. This does not mean that I am completely alone, in a friendless solitude, but that my friendship with others depends entirely on my friendship with myself.

Don't forget the colored pebble that I pressed into your hand at the beginning of the journey, which is only yours. You got it from me to always know who you are. I gave the stone because it never decays. It contains my message, the secret code of your magical power. Squeeze it and keep it in your hand! Whatever happens to you, the magic stone will save you from all troubles and dangers. If you understand what is written in it.

Who you see yourself to be: that's what you will become.

Friendship is the closest connection between souls.

My friend is the one to whom my soul is open.

What should I be happy about? you ask. That you live, that you are, that you are immortal. To enjoy fresh water, bread, rain and warm sun. And the snow, and the ice, and the fact that you are strong, and if tomorrow everything is washed away by the river, you will still be able to pull yourself together. If necessary, from scratch. That the endless sky is above your head - and beyond what you can no longer see with your eyes, there is your country.

We all live in our own worlds - and there is no through-passage.

Your friend is someone you deeply understand. You can't lie to each other. You are too close.

I suspect that there are as many shades of happiness as there are people on earth.

Man is happiest where he lives closest to love.

What you call memory lives here and acts timeless and alive and shapes life. It's hard to imagine that every moment of your current life is not only suggested by your past, but also by your future: you guess what you should be, but it's hard to succeed. Memories not only push from the past, but also pull from the future.

Those whose ego is hard will have a hard time experiencing any change.