Love and wisdom are two sides of the same coin. Inseparable.

You cannot walk on two roads at the same time. Because one has to be betrayed for the other.

What is durable is not what resists time, but what changes wisely with it.

Over time, the root system also splits the rock, drilling its soft threads into the hard stones, but if you rush this slow struggle, nothing will come of it.

The devil is only the buyer - we are the sellers.

The greatest things (...) happen to us in silence.

You cannot give light - you can only light it if there is something to ignite. (...) The spark can be handed over - but you have to ignite it yourself. You have to create it yourself!

The first step is the most important step. Not only because it indicates the direction of travel, but also because - like the seed of a plant - it contains everything.

Love the beast in you too! Feed it sometimes, because it belongs to you, to your being, to your ancient past, and it still lives inside you today. Many people make mistakes in their lives because they are not good with the raw instincts that live in their bodies and souls. Big mistake because the beast is stronger than them. But it can be tamed.

Be able to enjoy small successes! Don't look at how far you are, but also at where you've already reached!

The Zen master who was asked by his students: "Master, how can I know if I still have work to do in the world?" is right. And the master answered: "Because you live."